Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Oliver's Good Night Kiss" By Erin O'Riordan

I received the title directly from the author.  I have received no monetary compensation for this review.

When werewolf mates Natalie and Matthew first laid eyes on Oliver, they both knew the sexy vampire chef was a temptation they couldn’t resist.  Oliver’s orgasmically delicious food and hypnotic green eyes cast a spell on them. With Matthew and Natalie’s wedding date approaching, Oliver agrees to bow out gracefully from their sizzling triad…but only after one more night of passion. Will Oliver’s good night kiss really mean goodbye, or will Natalie and Matthew discover they can’t live without him?

MOM CAT'S Review:  Overall 4.5 mrowwws

Cover Art:  There seemed to be a disconnect between the cover and the description.  You see two males that look like body builders with their arms raised facing away from the female at the bottom.  The female seems to be staring off into nothing at all. 
The description sounds passionate, steamy, but the cover does not seem to show any connection between the men and the woman.  It looks like the focus might be on just the men with the woman as a secondary character.  But as you will see the cover is deceiving.

Cover Rating     Green - Go for it.

Writing:  The writing is clean and crisp. This is the first story I have read with any m/m to it.  I was not sure how I would react to the scene, but it was wonderfully written.  Not too graphic, yet I knew that there was an intense relationship between the two males. I was impressed by the way the author managed to tell me a life time's worth of information in such a short story.  I was not overwhelmed by information that was not necessary. To the contrary, the author told me everything I wanted to know.

The Characters:  Oliver.  WOW!  The description of the vampire Oliver makes me want to swoon, although I did not want to like him because of what he did to Matthew in the beginning so he could spend time with Natalie.  But Oliver comes out smelling like a rose in my book.  Natalie was intriguing, yet I wanted her to be a little bit stronger.  Matthew is just what you would think or want in an Alpha Werewolf.

Ms. O'Riordan is a very talented author.  I had some strong potentially negative ideas regarding m/m, in books and Ms O'Riordan showed me that I was wrong in those ideas.  I have high hopes for this author and would suggest if you like short stories, that you pick this one up and give it a try.


  1. ooh, you had me at werewolf ;) hehe
    This sounds intriguing and so I just bought for my kindle, thanks!

  2. Lovely and I agree about he cover but the content sounds too delicious to resist!!

  3. Good review. Sounds interesting. I agree with the cover thoughts. I'll give it a read.

  4. Thanks so much for the excellent review, Alexx!

  5. I forgot to mention there's a YouTube video that goes with this book: