Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Sex Bucket List By Dawne Prochilo

At some point in our life's we've had sexual fantasies that haven't been fulfilled. Perhaps sex in a public with multiple partners at once...role-playing...rough and tough down and dirty sex or maybe joining the Mile-High Club. Whatever the fantasy is, what has held you back from living it? What makes it so difficult to cross it off your list?

Today...I shall share Part 1 of my Sexual Bucket List. These are certain sexual fantasies that have lived in my head for years. I've imagined them vividly. I've fallen asleep thinking of how certain sexual positions and experiences would make me feel. The release and anticipation... mmmm, let's continue on with the unveiling of Dawne's Sexual Bucket List-

  • I want that come hither look like the model in this picture...and while we're at it...I want that negligee too.
  • Now I've done this one before (just not with the right person who knew what they were doing), so I want a do-over. A silk scarf gently restraining my wrists while my partner goes down on me, pleasures me until I'm pleading for him to make love to me.
  • Another one I've done and again...with the wrong person- I want to be that rough and wild cowgirl, only wearing a cowgirl hat, bandana and a smile full of pleasure as I ride and moan.

  • I want a pearl necklace- won't even discuss this past situation- I need to protect the stupid and inexperienced.
  • I would LOVE to give a blow job while my partner is driving down the road. Picture it- late at night, a romantic evening out...what could make the night end with a "BANG" then this one- could be on his Bucket List too.
  • This one's not really role playing...but, ladies, how many of you have fantasizes about a man in uniform? I have...would love to seduce my guy wearing nothing more than a policeman's uniform shirt. Not buttoned, exposing the curvature of my breasts, my long hair seductively positioned... I think he would like this one too. Another win-win for us.

Well here it is, Part 1 of Dawne's Sexual Bucket List. I know I've forgotten a few so tune in for Part 2.

*Now let's see which one I can cross off until next month- any takers?*

Dawne currently has six erotic and contemporary romance books out. In the fall of 2011, a short erotic

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She's the Promotion Director for a publisher, she's a freelance writer for a newspaper, writes web content

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  1. Pearls and Part II I want to know more! Thank you so much Dawne for this awesome and stimulating guest appearance! When do I get Part 2?

  2. TY for having me today- and yes, I'll gladly come back and share Part 2


  3. Love the man in uniform thing. Almost worth speeding, just in the hopes of meeting him. Great list, Dawne. Great post!!

  4. Excellent Dawne and oh so very naughty I love it.