Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Good morning! It’s a beautiful day in author-land.
First of all, thanks a million to Alexx for inviting me to play on your blog! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here, especially to share some shameless self-promotion.
My upcoming release, Blood Doll, is an erotic paranormal adventure, just in time for Halloween. We have vampires and blood and action, all rolled up into one nice, neat little package.
The hero in this story, Christian, is a bit on the unconventional side. He’s a vampire, but he’s not one of those sparkly ones that doesn’t eat people. No…he likes his blood, and he likes his women, and he isn’t afraid to mix the two. I don’t know about everyone else, but I prefer my blood-suckers to actually suck blood. And the messier they are when they eat, the better.
Below, you’ll find a blurb and excerpt from the story, and if you like that, feel free to stop by just about any online bookseller on October 29th and pick up a copy. If you’re lucky, you might catch me at The Romance Studio’s Spookapalooza, running October 28-31, where I’ll be giving away a kindle copy of Blood Doll to one lucky commenter.
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Coming October 29, 2011
Sugar & Spice Press
~+Paranormal Erotic Romance+~
Lana Roberts has come to Boston searching for her twin sister, Sarah. The last place Sarah was seen is an underground club called The Mausoleum. Not realizing what she has gotten herself into, Lana enters, only to find herself in the company of a seductively frightening vampire named Christian Sterling – the only creature in the place that wants to help her. But there’s one problem.
Lana is still human.
If she goes back into The Mausoleum, she’ll be killed, but Christian has a plan…if he can only convince her to go along with it. Can a pair of Halloween costumes, the sexy stranger she has found herself falling for, and a little bit of unorthodox behavior save the day? And just how long can Lana keep telling herself she doesn’t want him?
Careful,” a deep voice said, and strong hands banded around her upper arms to steady her. She looked down at those hands and with manic glee noticed manicured fingernails, slightly longer than she was used to seeing on a man. “You aren’t from around here,” he continued, and she jumped, startled by the sound of his voice so close to her ear. She shook her head as he turned her around, and for a moment that same flicker of recognition she saw from the doorman passed over his features.

He, however, was an exquisite specimen—tall and slender, with just the right amount of muscle to fill out the black Lycra shirt that clung to him. A pair of baggy jeans hung from his hips, but she never made it to his feet to see if he was wearing sneakers or boots. At that point, he could have had cloven hooves and she would not have noticed.

His eyes captured her gaze and held her rapt. Ice blue orbs, flecked with amber and bits of red, stared back at her. His hair was cut into a messy Mohawk, the majority of it dyed blue, nearly the same shade as his eyes. A long, pointed nose sat in the center of his face between a pair of high, softly rounded cheekbones, and his thick, full lips turned up at the corners into a welcoming smile.

You must be Lana,” he said, and the sound of her name on this stranger’s tongue immediately sobered her. This man knows Sarah… The smile never left his face, even as he confirmed her thought. “Sarah talks about you a lot.” 
Where is she?” Lana asked, and his grip tightened on her arms. He took a step closer. He glanced around one time, then lowered his mouth to hear ear again. 
Do not ask questions,” he instructed. “They can hear you. Follow my lead and do as I say because you are in danger. You should not have come here.”

Where is my sister?” Lana asked again despite his warning. He drew back, and his icy gaze turned to steel. He shook his head and raised one finger to his lips, then skimmed his palm down her arm and took her hand in his.

Not here, he mouthed, and towed her into the roiling, dancing crowd. His gaze stayed high, watching all around them as he turned and pulled her hard against him. Warning bells went off in her head, telling her that this man knew something she didn’t. He’d said she was in danger; did that mean Sarah was the cause of it?
The people around them adjusted their positions to accommodate for her presence, but otherwise took no notice of them when he spun her in a quick circle. He tugged her close again and began to move, and through the fog in her brain she realized that he was dancing with her.

Who are you?” she questioned as his hands slid over her waist and up her back. The touch was so unusual, uninvited but not unenjoyed. If the situation hadn’t frightened her so much, she would have thought he was flirting with her, and it had been quite a while since she’d had an attractive man do so. 
The corners of his lips turned up slightly, and he watched her with unnerving intensity. His skin was cool to the touch, and though she was nose to nose with him, Lana had no idea how old he might be.
Not important right now,” he whispered into her ear. He seemed as interested in feeling her up as he did watching the wings…not that she minded so much. “I can help you, but you have to dance. And be prepared to run.”

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Siobhan!  I can't wait to read this one. 


  1. Thanks for having me, Alexx! As always, you're fantastically awesome and I love you to bits! :)

  2. It is awesomely fantastical to have you! This book sounds wonderful!

  3. Siobhan, Congrats on this release!
    I do prefer my vampires to suck :P
    Great excerpt, nice bit of writing here: "The touch was so unusual, uninvited but not unenjoyed. "