Wednesday, February 29, 2012


First Love- Over the Years: Watch It Grow

I wrote When We Meet Again three years ago when I had a personal experience that created a storyline in my head. Two young lovers over the course of time discover love, lose that love only to find it again. It's an emotional novel about first loves and second chances at that same love.

Think about it for a minute... have you ever forgotten that first love? The one that got away. How many times over the years have you asked yourself “what-if”? And if you had a second chance, would you take it?
When We Meet Again blurb-
How many of us have wished we could turn back the clock? Go back to one specific time that would change our lives forever and it would be exactly how we wanted it. Brynn Saunders has wished that for over two decades and while she can't change her life, a strange twist of fate is giving her a second chance at her one true love. Best friends Ethan Miller and Brynn have loved each other unconditionally since high school and while their lives were entwined early, they never shared the intimacy they felt for the other. After an abusive marriage for Brynn and a loveless marriage for Ethan, they've reconnected twenty four years later and are acting upon what they never had the chance to do years ago.

When We Meet Again starts with Brynn and Ethan in their late teens years, after they've made a pact to one another. I wrote First Chance which starts Brynn and Ethan's lives before the pact.
What is this pact I keep referring to? Let me tell... no, better yet, Buy First Chance when it comes out this spring. Yes, I know... I'm a tease!


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Coming Soon- First Chance 2012


  1. Aww, darn, guess this is one I'll have to break down and buy. Love the story line. Yes, wouldn't all of us love to be able to go back in time and not take that step that led us in the wrong direction? If only...Best of luck with your release...Tabs

    1. WIll be available later this month Tabs- I'll be posting everywhere once it's available


  2. Thank you for having me Alexx and I'm sorry for the delayed reply