Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Release" By Anonymous

 An author friend sent this to me this morning, I fell in love with the imagery.  I mentioned I would love to post it. They said "yes"  Anonymously.  I wonder if any of you out there can figure out who wrote this. What comes to mind when you read this?  Let us know!

Breathing quickened, the rise and fall of the chest,
Undulating tumultuous like the swell of the sea
Growing red flush creeping steadily across flesh,
Glistening skin sheened lightly with feverish need.

Whimpering choked by lips twisted between teeth,

Gasps cast free, wide eyed overwhelming sensation,
Conscious thought taken flight, tight grip slipping away,
Surrender, instinct has conquered, the prize within grasp.

Warm glow deep within, spreading, slowly advancing,

Laboured breath, ragged, broken, clawing desperation,
Drowning, thrashing, struggling through swirling pleasure,
Pulled under, shuddering climax, cries of freedom, of release.

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